Our Vision

As the demographic structure in the Chinese community enters the stage of aging, many founders are starting to face the issue of succession. The Family Inheritance Association Of Malaysia, a non-profit social organization, is dedicated to promoting the concept of family heritage in the Chinese community, fostering harmony within families and ensuring the continuity of traditions through generations. Through educational initiatives, we aim to amplify the principles of wealth succession, spiritual heritage, and even the preservation of cultural values, aspiring to be an exemplar of family legacy in the Chinese community.

Individual Member


  • Regular meetings for networking and meeting new collaborators.
  • Scheduled sessions featuring professionals as guest speakers.
  • Regular distribution of partners’ discount vouchers among members.
  • Gatherings for discussions with individuals interested in inheritance-related matters.
  • Future provision of professional courses for members.
  • Opportunities to interact with members of inheritance associations from other countries.

Professional Advisor

FIAM Life Membership:

  • Timeless Advisors:RM300
  • Other Advisors:RM1,200
  • Yearly Maintenance:20 points


  1. FIAM hold Seminars/Conference (2 times per year) – each 5 points
      – Whole day event
      – Invite lawyers, tax experts, motivational speaker, Timeless Top Advisors
  2. Member hold Client Networking Lunch/Dinner – each 5 points
      – Max. 8 pax per session (exclude Timeless Advisor and Timeless BDM)
      – FIAM subsidize up to RM300 per session.
      – Must include at least one Timeless Advisor and one Timeless BDM
  3. Trips to overseas with Timeless Top Advisors
      – FIAM may subsidized certain amount of trip charges provided the member fulfilled the maintenance requirement.
  4. Luxe Young
      – Enjoy extra 20% discount on Luxe Young products and services.

Membership Application Form

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